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                              Association of Philadelphia Tour Guides Handbook




After two years, the APT Handbook is finally here! This project was only made possible by the generous contribution of time, energy, research skills and expertise of many members of the Association of Philadelphia Tour Guides, especially President Emeritus Ed Mauger.

This Handbook serves not only as a concise and indispensable "bible" to city tour guides, but as a useful and convenient reference for anyone who loves Philadelphia and its history.


Over 260 pages long, the book is divided into five parts:

I. PEOPLE AND PLACES contains 181 entries documenting the basic facts anyone interested in serving as a city tour guide should have a knowledge and understanding of. Entries are arranged alphabetically and each one is formatted as a series of straightforward bullet points. All give citations and are illustrated. All site descriptions list hours, admission fees, contact information, as well as facilities such as restrooms, food concessions and gift shops. Where possible, the data was reviewed and confirmed by the sites themselves.

II. TIMELINE is a handy chronological listing of key events, dates and population statistics in Philadelphia history.

III. ARCHITECTURAL STYLES is an overview, succinctly explaining what constitutes each style and period, illustrated with Philadelphia building examples.

IV. ARCHITECTURAL GLOSSARY (in the pdf) defines 44 basic architectural terms with illustrations.

V. GUIDING TECHNIQUES contains hints and suggestions to make more effective guides.


     Some sample pages:

Association of Philadelphia Tour Guides Handbook


The Handbook comes with a downloadable pdf version which makes individual pages easy to print out for reference, to browse on computers, tablets, phones and e-readers and to facilitate additions and updates to the book. The information in the Handbook is evaluated and updated periodically by the Handbook Revision Committee. Please send all suggestions for future inclusions and comments to Joe Becton at We'd love to hear from you so we can keep this Handbook as useful and relevant as possible to all city guides.





To purchase a copy of the Handbook and/or pdf:

     The book and pdf are available for $35. They can be picked up by previous arrangement at an APT Monthly Meeting or by contacting Edward A. Mauger at to arrange to pick one up, and  you may  pre-pay at the APT Store here. If you'd like a copy mailed to you, or just wish to purchase the pdf version, that can also be arranged on the APT store page.